XLR & DMX Audio Adapters

A Rollup of Audio Adaptors


A collection of adaptors (adapters), inside a rollup - for use with pro audio cables. A very handy set to keep in your toolbox for audio bump-ins.

Ever had a problem trying to plug a cable with say RCA plugs into a mixer with XLR sockets?
This set will enable you to connect the great majority of audio cables eg 1/4" phono plugs to XLR, XLR to XLR, RCA to XLR, and so on. A lot of combinations are possible. These are intended for use with cables and desks that have RCA plugs, ¼" (6.5mm) phono plugs, and 3 pin XLR connections.

This set of 14 audio adapters comprising 2 pieces of 7 different types, as pictured below is $45.

2 pieces of a particular adapter are often needed for stereo leads.

Some of these adapters have been unavailable in Australia until now, and they are usually over $10 each. This set works out at $3.21 each and they are professional quality.

Included is a heavy duty canvas Rollup for storing this adapter set, as shown in the photos. You keep the adapters inside the roll, which is held by the black elastic bands as shown - then you unroll and choose the adaptors you need. At the end of the job you can see if you mislaid any, before you roll it up, and throw it in your toolbox.

Rollup Postage is a fixed $15 - no matter how many rollup sets you buy - to anywhere within Australia.

Individual Adaptors: We also sell these adapters individually and in bulk. Prices are shown on table below. Shipping for any quantity of individual adapters is $3 total.

If you include a rollup with your order of individual adaptors, shipping is $15 total.

A Tax Invoice will be issued. If you want this in a business name, then send us the details. You can also pickup, but please phone first: (02)46841444.

Rollup Price $45 each + $15 shipping.


closed rollup

Rollup Weight: Aprox 630g

Order Quantity

NB: We recommend that during checkout you choose the Express Post Bag. It has a $15.00 flat fee Australia wide and can contain up to 3.00kg.
The bag has overnight delivery to major centres, provides a limited tracking facility and a $50.00 insurance cover.
Any rollup orders that exceed 3.00kg will be posted at no further charge.

Audio Adapters

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XLR Male/XLR Male
$ 3.60
XLR Female/XLR Female
XLR Female / 1/4" Female
balanced - $4.00
XLR Male / 1/4" Female
balanced - $4.00
XLR Male / 1/4" Male
unbalanced - $3.50
Male/Male Female/Female Female/Female Bal Male/Female bal Male/Male Unbal
Pin 1 Pin 2 Pin 3 Pin 1 Pin 2 Pin 3 Pin 1 Pin 2 Pin 3 Pin 1 Pin 2 Pin 3 Pin 1 Pin 2 Pin 3
Casing Hot Pin 3 Casing Hot Pin 3 Casing Hot Ring (Stereo)
Pin 1 (Mono)
Casing Hot Ring (Stereo)
Pin 1 (Mono)
Casing Hot Casing
Order Qty Order Qty Order Qty Order Qty Order Qty
XLR Male / 1/4" Male balanced
XLR Female / RCA Female
XLR Male / RCA Female
XLR Female/1/4" Male balanced
also called 6.5mm Stereo Jack or TRS Jack $6.50
XLR Female/1/4" Male unbalanced
also called 6.5mm Mono Jack $6.30
Male/Male bal Female/RCA Female Male/RCA Female Patch Cable Female/Male Stereo Patch Cable Female/Male Mono
Pin 1 Pin 2 Pin 3 Pin 1 Pin 2 Pin 3 Pin 1 Pin 2 Pin 3 Pin 1 Pin 2 Pin 3 Pin 1 Pin 2 Pin 3
Ground Hot Mid Stereo Casing Hot Casing Casing Hot Casing Sleeve Hot tip Ring Sleeve
Order Qty Order Qty Order Qty Order Qty Order Qty
DMX Adaptors
XLR 5 Pin Female to XLR 3 Pin Male
XLR 5 Pin Male to XLR 3 Pin Female



Order Qty Order Qty

The photos show 2 adapters so that you can see each end, they are sold singly.

Wiring Table
5 Pin
3 Pin end

Note: Pin 1 is also connected to the metal case.


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