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Panel ANTENNA – 8dBi Wall or Mast Mounted

We highly recommend you buy your antenna as a kit with patch cable and suitable length extension cable.

You will receive a package discount and the convenience of receiving everything you need to intall your antenna in one package.

Individual Antenna Prices

antenna only (n0 cables) Qty  
18 8dBi Wall Mounted Antenna - $47

19 8dBi Mast Mounted Antenna - $52

It is a 8dBi directional panel antenna with dual band reception. Directional means that the antenna has to roughly face the direction of the nearest transmission tower.

It is a roughly square box of 210mm x 180mm and 45mm thick. It is mainly made from aluminium with a durable white ABS plastic cover which is UV resistant. It can be located indoors or outdoors as it is not affected by rain. Included in the package is an aluminium bracket for mounting the antenna flat against a wall. A short 300mm cable (RG58) exits the box and is terminated with a N type female connector.

This antenna has a gain of 8dBi ( the higher the number - the better). In effect this means that if the modem without antenna gives 1 or 2 bars reception (from a maximum of 5 bars) - then with the antenna can bring reception up to at least 3 bars. For example if you get 1 bar outside - then using this antenna will give you at least 3 bars outside - but inside you may get 0 bars, due to the blocking effect of walls and roofs. In this case you experiment to find a location for the antenna such as on the inside of a window, or on an outside wall. So make sure you order an antenna with a long enough extension cable. We have a choice of cable lengths from 2m to 10m.

SPECIFICATIONS – Wall Antenna – Panel type

Frequency Range: 806~960/1710~2500 MHz
Gain: 8 dBi Beamwidth E:70 H:72
V.S.W.R: less than 1.5f/b Ratio greater than 18 dBi
Nominal impedance: 50 ohm
Polarisation: Vertical/Horizontal
Antenna Size: 210x180x45 mm
Package contents: Wall antenna with 300mm cable (RG58) terminated with a N type female connector. Wall bracket with screws. 5m cable with N type male connector and FME female end. Patch cable of 0.18m FME male to MCX male. Total cable length of 5.48m.

We recommend this antenna for ZTE MF30, or Sierra 312U, 320U, WiFi 753S when you place the antenna externally. These Sierra modems have 2 antenna socket but only socket no. 1 is to be used. However if you are in one of the few locations where the dual antenna MIMO system is operational ( CBD's for instance), then 2 external antenna's will give you maximum speed. For the great majority of locations only 1 antenna is recommended.

Z Mounting Brackets

This bracket is designed to carry lightweight antenna’s that use a U bolt to attach to a mast .

It is particularly suited to our mast mount panel antenna, but can be used with other antenna such as a digital TV yagi.

The mast is 31mm dia which suits the U bolts in common use for antenna. It is allows the antenna to be offset about 200mm from a wall, which in turns allows the antenna to be rotated up to 180 deg so that the antenna is facing the best transmission tower. It is made from stainless steel and will never rust outdoors.

It is attached to a wall or column including barge, fascia and gables. 2 x 5.5mm dia holes are provided in the back leg for fixing to the wall. For timber fixing we recommend roofing screws ie hex head type 17 screws 12g x 30mm with outdoor coating such as galvinised class 3. For masonry walls a variety of fixings are available but make sure they are suitable for outdoor use. For convenience we include 2 pieces of the timber type 17 screws with this bracket.

Item No Bracket Qty  
37 Z Bracket for Mast Mounted Antenna - $16

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