Wireless Broadband Antenna

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Panel Antenna Kits

Here you will find our Panel antennas bundled with extension cables and patch cables,
You can choose:

  • Telstra or Huawei Patch Cables or a Netcomm Adaptor
    • With a Mast U Bolt and Z Bracket
    • With a Mast U Bolt and without A Z Bracket
    • With a simple wall mount only

You can then choose your required extension cable length of:

  • 2 metres
  • 3 metres
  • 5 metres
  • 10 metres

so you can buy everything you need for an antenna in one easy package transaction.

You will receive a package discount on the individual prices as well as cheaper postal rates than if you bought the items individully.

Panel Antenna Kit with Z Bracket

What is a Z Bracket?

A Z bracket is a multi-directional bracket which enables the panel antenna to be attached to a wall and to be pointed in the direction of the signal source, thus ensuring better signal strength. Depending on where you are able to attach the antenna will determine the length of extension cable you require. (See centre photo)

Telstra Mast Kit with Z Bracket Qty
28 Panel antenna + Telstra patch cable + Z Bracket with;
  Huawei Mast Kit with Z Bracket  
29 Panel Antenna + Huawei Patch Cable + Z Bracket with;
  Netcomm Mast Adaptor Kit With Z Bracket  
30 Panel Antenna + Netcomm Adaptor + Z Bracket with;
  Telstra Mast Kits Without Z Bracket  
31 Panel Antenna + Telstra Patch Cable with;
  Huawei Mast Kits Without Z Bracket  
32 Panel Antenna + Huawei Patch Cable with;
  Netcomm Mast Kits without Z Bracket  
33 Panel Antenna + Netcomm Adaptor with;
  Telstra Wall Kits  
34 Panell Antenna + Telstra Patch Cable with:
  Huawei Wall Kits  
35 Panel Antenna + Huwaei Patch Cable with:
  Netcomm Wall Kits  
36 Panel Antenna + Netcomm Adaptor with:

We Accept:

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Our cutoff time for postage is 2pm on weekdays. If you buy an antenna with any other items before cutoff time, then we can ship them all together. In this case you will be only be charged postage based on the total weight of the order.

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