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Desktop Antenna

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14 Desktop Antenna with Telstra Patch

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Our desktop antenna is an ideal size to carry in most laptop bags, and increase the locations where you can receive wireless broadband. Say you work in an office that gets intermittent wireless broadband - now you can get stable broadband.

If your modem shows 1 to 2 bars without an antenna - then this desktop antenna can bring reception of at least 3 bars when used with a modem from our recommended list. For instance if you get 1 bar outside - then using this antenna will usually give you 3 or 4 bars outside. If you don't receive any bars outside without an antenna, then this antenna probably won't help.

Indoors you may have to place the desktop antenna close to a window to get acceptable reception. The desktop antenna comes with a total cable length of 1.18m, which can be handy in finding the best location to get the optimum signal.

Our 5dBi desktop antenna has dual band reception and is omnidirectional ie it picks up signal coming from any direction.

It is 235mm high with a 61mm dia magnetic base for stability. It is foldable and the base can be unscrewed. These features give this antenna a lot of flexibility as to where you can locate it, and the magnetic base can be handy if you locate it on the top of a PC case or filing cabinet.

The antenna cable is a 1m long heavy duty cable ie. 5mm dia RG58 to minimise signal loss and has a FME female connector. You then attach either our Telstra or Huawei patch cables which are 0.18m long.

Some of the newest more expensive modems have very good internal antenna eg ZTE MF30, or Sierra 312U, 320U, WiFi 753S. As a result we do not recommend our desktop antenna for these modems, but put the desktop antenna on one of the modems in our recommended list below and you will experience a significant increase in signal strength.

Modems recommended for use with our Desktop Antenna:-

Telstra/Bigpond Modems:
USB Modems by ZTE – MF60, MF633, MF633+, MF633BP+, MF626i (but not MF626), MF668, MF688
USB Modems by Sierra - 301, 306, 308, 885 7, 310U
ExpressCard modems by Sierra - AC503, AC880E+

Huawei modems:
E110, E122, E153, E156, E156G, E158G, E160, E160E, E160G, E169, E169G, E173, E176 E353 E583c, E600, E620, E612, E618, E630, E1762, E1820, E1550, K4505
Patch cable cannot be used with the following modems because they do not have antenna sockets: E220, E1553, E1756, K3520, K3765, MF6273, MF627. The Telstra patch cable is required for a Sierra 310U modem.

SPECIFICATIONS - Dual Band Desktop Antenna

Antenna is 235mm high with a 61mm dia base.

Frequency Range: 806~960/1710~2100 MHz
Gain: 5 dBi Omnidirectional
V.S.W.R: less than 1.8
Nominal impedance: 50 ohm
Polarisation: Vertical

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